Preventative Care

Preventative care is provided by our hygienist who can help you to maintain a bright and healthy smile.

A visit to our hygienist provides a regular oral health check including a scaling and polishing which can usually successfully remove staining, which although not harmful to our teeth, will gradually be picked up over time and can occur from tobacco or drinking tea, coffee and red wine. Hygienist visits are also essential following some complex dental treatments or a smile makeover, to maintain your long term oral health.

Without regular visits to the hygienist, patients can be at risk from gum disease also known as gingivitis, which can be potentially harmful to our teeth and their surrounding structures. This makes it important for the hygienist to remove tartar (calculus) from your teeth which cannot be removed at home by normal tooth brushing.

If the tartar is not removed it can lead to red, swollen and bleeding gums which may in time cause Periodontal Disease which when left untreated, damages the structures and bone supporting the teeth, causing infection, loosening of teeth and eventually premature tooth loss. This can also lead to consequences with a person’s general health and well being.

To keep your smile bright and healthy give the surgery a call to book an appointment.