Fees and Payment

At Boulevard Dental Practice we will provide you with an individual written treatment plan and estimate of cost. Our quotations are valid for 3 months and we are always happy to advise you on how best to proceed with your treatment.

You may pay on a private fee per item basis, or we can offer a monthly payment plan with Denplan care, which following an initial assessment starts from as little as £11.44 per month and allows you to budget for the cost of your dental treatment.

If you are interested in registering with Denplan please ask our receptionist for further details or speak to your dentist at your next visit.

Further information regarding Denplan is also available at denplan.co.uk

We are happy to accept:

Cash, Cheques and Credit / Debit cards {sorry we cannot accept American Express}

Private Fees

Treatment Price
New Patient £38
Routine 6-12 months £20
Routine 12-24 months £29
1 Film £15
2 Films £17
3 Films £20
Periodontal Treatment
Dentist £36
Hygienist £39
2 Visit £70
Dentomycin application (2 Visit) £75
Silver Amalgam
Small £55
Medium £70
Large £90
Tooth Coloured
Front Teeth £60-£65
Molars £60-£110
Premolars £60-£90
Root Fillings
Including X-rays
Incisor/Single Root £205
Premolars £225
Molars £255
Simple £65
Surgical/Wisdom £100-£200
Porcelain Bonded to Metal £420
Gold £420
Porcelain £420
Porcelain Veneer £420
Prefabricated £50
Cast Metal £75
Pin Core £55
Bonded Units per Tooth £420
Maryland £420
Crown £35
Bridge £55
Treatment Price
Per Visit £70
Other Lab Work
Sports Mouth-guards £70
POC (Anti Grinding Teeth Guard) £70
NTI Splints (Clenching/Headaches) £170
Anti Snoring Appliance £300 Approx
Study Models £35
Single Full £395
Full Upper and Lower £695
Partial 1-4 Teeth £275
5+ Teeth £360
Plate £430
Skeleton £530
Dental D Clasps £42
Hidden Clasps £95
Adjust Denture £20
Reline £75
Soft Lining £95
Additions Tooth/Clasp £55
Subsequent Additions £28
Repair/Refix tooth/clasp £35
(Max £60)
Tooth whitening
(Including trays/whitening Gel)
Per Arch £195
Upper and Lower Arches £390
Extra gel per Tube £25
Stoning/Smoothing Teeth £14
Duraphat Desensitising Solution £14
Dressings From £35
Facial Rejuvenation Therapy
Botox type Treatment £150 Approx
Dermal fillers
First Syringe £300
Second Syringe £200
Six Months Smiles
(Adult Orthodontics)
Upper and Lower Arches £2,200 Approx