NTI Splints and Anti Snoring Appliances

Do you suffer from frequent migraines, head or neck ache?

Wake in the morning with your face or jaw feeling stiff or aching?

Find yourself constantly taking painkillers?

If so then you may be suffering with Bruxisim which is the clenching or grinding of teeth, causing wear or damage to the teeth along with associated pain of the head, neck, jaw and facial muscles. This normally occurs at night, subconsciously during sleep. However you may also be aware of doing this during the day, often when under pressure or feeling stressed.

If you think this is you, then we may be able to help you, by making a NTI splint. This is a small device worn usually at night over either your front top or lower incisors, rather like a mini gum shield. This device stops you from clenching and grinding and therefore should alleviate the problem quickly and effectively.

The practice is also able to provide another type of appliance which can help to eliminate snoring and obstructive sleep apnoea.

Please contact the surgery to arrange an appointment or ask your dentist about having a splint fitted at your next visit.

More information can be found at s4sdental.com