Family Dental Care

At Boulevard Dental Practice we are pleased to offer all aspects of routine, complex and preventative dentistry for both adults and children. Our patients are advised to visit the dentist for a regular examination approximately every six months to maintain a healthy mouth.


We provide both silver amalgam fillings and tooth coloured composite fillings. Depending on both your preference and the shape and size of the restoration required your dentist will be happy to advise you which material is suitable for your restoration.


Crowns are provided to restore heavily filled or broken teeth, crowns are also often required following root canal therapy where the tooth may become brittle and need strengthening.

Veneers can be provided to cover only the front part of the tooth to improve appearance if the tooth is heavily filled or discoloured.

Bridges can sometimes be provided to restore the gaps left from missing teeth to improve eating and appearance.


Dentures can also be provided to fill gaps from missing teeth both to improve appearance and to evenly distribute the workload on your own teeth, so prolonging their natural life. They may be made from either acrylic or chrome cobalt depending on your individual need.

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